The Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre to be demolished in 2019

Is the demolition of the Elephant and Castle shopping centre going to demolish small businesses too?

Since the last cabinet meeting in May, Southwark Council pushed back the demolition of the Elephant and Castle shopping centre to 2019. Local businesses inside and outside the Centre have been waiting for over ten years for the announcement of a final date for its demolishment but that day seems to be still far away.

The Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre which opened in 1965 was built on the bomb damaged site of the former Elephant & Castle Estate, originally constructed in 1898.

The council said a “package of measures” will be provided to support 27 small businesses inside the centre but nothing has been said about the little markets right outside and their owners. Ahmed is one of them and he told us: ” I’ve known since around 2000s but they’ve delayed it every time to another three years. I don’t know what is going to happen, they’re probably going to move us somewhere else”.

In recent years The Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre has done much to boost its reputation. This is a thriving multi cultural environment. There’s a great mix of Latin American and Caribbean influences, alongside plenty of office workers, residential families and hipster clusters.

Other businesses seem to be more involved in the project and one of these are Boots, whose manager Nana told us how he is not scared at the moment because: ” In the worst case scenario Boots will close its branch here to be relocated somewhere within the area”.

As the only solution seems to be waiting for the next meeting, everyone agrees that the missing communication from the Council is the only worry for now.






Once we decided the idea I emailed all the local businesses to interview them. Olley’s Fish Experience replied to me and so I arranged the interview with him and with the manager of Quantum Waste. Few days before the interview I went to Herne Hill to film all the GV’s that I thought we could have used for the package. On the day of the interview I filmed the interview and all the GV’s of the restaurant. Once we got all the clips I edited everything and uploaded it on YT.

In conclusion I was the camera operator and VT editor.

Louie Louie, more than just a coffee.



                                                         RADIO PACKAGE SCRIPT


The number of coffee shops in the UK has doubled in a decade, increasing competition provide consumers with the best quality now more than ever.

So how can an outlet be defined as unique?!


Opened on Walworth Road on the 3rd of January, Louie Louie has already conquered great reviews thanks to a particular engagement between music and coffee. 

I met owner Chris G to find out more.

Q: If you could just give us a brief summery of what your business’s about, what is the sort of story behind Louie Louie….

A: okay so I’m a local resident, I’ve been here 20 years and myself and two partners who are also from the area decided to put together a highbred caffe restaurant, bar, music venue

Q: I can see a lot albums around and I also read online you have a really good connection between your food, the environment around here and music. Do you want to explain us a bit more about this?

A: Well, again it’s like adapting to environment, you know licensing and laws and such, you know you can’t make a lot of noise, you have to respect your neighbours and so for me this a reaction to volume. What we’ve gone to is quality so that is really really good sound with quite expensive stuff. It’s all about clarity and feeling the music rather than volume.

Like for instance music became, people’s perception of music became a free thing a free commodity and this more or less destroyed the music industry through Internet and sharing in fact you know I’ve done loads of music venues and people just won’t to pay to go see a live gig because they go oh hang on music is free on my phone why should I pay for a performance?


V1: yeah so I come here because it’s a really cool place to hang out there’s not many cool coffee shops around Elephant and Castle, so it’s really nice to find one you enjoy sitting in. I like coming here to work they have cool vibe, cool music, is a good time.

V2: yeah I come here to relax after working with a good coffee, passing a good time. I really enjoy it.


So now you know where to go for a coffee!


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Do the countries that produce the most wine also drink the most wine?


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 One of the most frequent habits of University students and young people in general is drinking: it could be a beer after class to relax, a glass of wine during dinner to pair it with the food or super-alcoholics on a night out to have fun. The young generation is said to be drinking more than their parents and this has possibly led the youth to gain a wider knowledge about alcohol. In particular, wine is the top 1 drink chose by them almost on a daily base and this has increased its fame year after year. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health women are the ones consuming wine the most, and this is a very interesting fact because while in the past wine has always been considered a men’s drink, now not only women drink it more but they also tend to have improved their knowledge about the whole industry of wine. This generation is in fact able to identify the origin of a certain wine and its quality, but what about the real concept of the wine industry in terms of global production? There are many myths that surround our society and one of the trickiest is the balance between production and consumption around the world, in other words: do the countries that produce the most wine also drink the most wine? 

As you probably would have expect Europe occupies the top 3 positions of wine production with Italy at the first step, followed then by France and Spain with almost 4 billions of litres produced per year; unexpectedly Argentina is the one closing the top 5 after America, a country worth to be analysed in detail. The States produce over 2 billion of litres per year and Americans are the number one wine’s consumer with almost 5 litres consumed per person. Here, unlikely elsewhere, the Millennial generation is believed to be one of the driving forces that brought to a 35% growth in wine consumption and they are also the largest consumer group in the history of the US. This generation includes people who were born between the years of 1977 and 2000, with an average of 33 hours spent on the Internet and social media they seek out wine groups on Facebook and other sites.

 However even though they seem to be experts they are actually not, many studies proved in fact how in reality when it comes to buying a bottle of wine there are many factors they consider such as: price, shelf position and label. Struggling with their finances they tend to spend less money than their parents and they also tend to be more faithful to specific brands rather than go for diversification every time. Last but no least they seem not to really care about reading labels, finding more important the bottle’s location on the shelves.

Did you identified yourself with these students? Well, hopefully now you’ll be more aware about the wine industry.

Delina Petiros



“I don’t feel like a hero!”, Sully miracle on the Hudson – Review

4/5 by Delina Petiros 

Watch trailer here (courtesy of Movieclips Trailers) :

Tom Hanks brings humanity to the character of captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberg in the new movie directed by Clint Eastwood: Sully Miracle on the Hudson.

 Sully can now be added to Eastwood best works such as Letter from Iwo Jima, Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven. Image available on

Sully can now be added to Eastwood best works such as Letter from Iwo Jima, Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven. Image available on

Based on the autobiographical novel “Highest Duty” by Sullenberg, Sully is a biographical drama film written by Todd Komarnicki that tells the story behind the famous emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River on January 2009, in which all 155 souls on board survived. Differently from all documentaries we’ve seen, for the first time we are part of the psychological journey of Captain Sully after the most peculiar moment of his long carrier.

The critics believe Hanks deserves another Oscar nomination for his brilliant performance. Image is courtesy of India Today
The critics believe Hanks deserves another Oscar nomination for his brilliant performance. Image is courtesy of India Today

The incredible talent of Hanks, combined with Eastwood’s smart direction, is able to lead us through Sully’s thoughts, nightmares and fears bringing humanity and realism in one of the most underappreciated hero of the American history. In 98 minutes we assist at what happened before the “crash”, during it and also after when Sully and First Officer Jeff Skyles are under investigation by NTSB who are portaits as villans and motor of the story. Felt so inspired I highly suggest you not to miss this movingly performance of Hanks through a hero’s mind. 

Out in UK’s cinemas from December 2, 2016.



Walworth’s heroine.

“I decided at that point that I was just wasting my life and I should have felt rich in my heart rather than in my bank account” says J. So she decided to drop her previous job of eight years in a museum as retail assistant, where after working crazy shifts she arrived at a moment where she was dealing with loss of hair due to the huge stress. But she was also contributing to a miracle right in front of her eyes. Her mother joined as a volunteer at the charity shop they always went as customers, thanks to J’s encouragement, and just after two weeks everyone saw her completely changed.

The charity shop is situated few minutes away from Elephant and Castle
The charity shop is situated few minutes away from Elephant and Castle

We are sitting in a round table at the back of the shop, used as office and stock room. Miss J is wearing a simple jumper with some jeans, her hair out and her face is make-up free. The simplicity of her look could mean everything or it could mean nothing. The atmosphere around us is quite chaotic, it’s Friday morning but J found a few minutes to sit with me and talk about her incredible story.

In the shop are sold second hand clothes, book, music and other items
In the shop are sold second hand clothes, book, music and other items

Miss J is manager of The Salvation Army in Walworth, where she has been working since 2009 and this is what makes her proud the most. Growing up in the area, she didn’t have an easy life and without going into details she let me understand her parents had some addiction problems.

Close up shot of J's hands
Close up shot of J’s hands

I would love to know some more about this but what I learned about her is that if she wants to tell you something she will, but if she doesn’t don’t ask; in fact I am able to notice how J is sitting on her chair all straight but how her hands are telling me she is quite nervous. 

The radical change in her mother was the motivation J was looking for to transform her life as well, and honestly, be ready for the most moving part : Miss J left her job and realised her aim in life was to help people in difficult situations, so she applied to The Salvation Army where she was happily greeted.”J is such a genuine and caring person, we saw her growing and falling but picking herself up, and having her here with us is just a blessing” says proudly one of her colleagues, adding also how rare it is nowadays  to see someone earning a good salary quitting to work in a charity shop for minimum wage.

Miss J enjoys interacting with customers despite being busy with calls and emails
Miss J enjoys interacting with customers despite being busy with calls and emails

After two years J was offered the position as manager and after almost 7 years she explains how she is still earning minimum wage but this doesn’t bother her at all, infact she explains me how maybe despite her dyslexia she could have been a doctor or a lawyer although she probably wouldn’t go to bed fully  happy in her spirit. “I couldn’t be more proud of her” admits J’s mom as I’m about to leave and although we are like strangers to each other I feel exactly the same.


Abandoned by the government, Walworth’s residents are wondering what’s going to happen while local shops are already closing down.  

It was the 20th of October 2015 when the Cabinet of the Southwark Council made the decision to regenerate the Elephant and Castle area. But how did the community of Walworth react?

One of the numerous low cost shops on Walworth Road

“We are already going through a tough time, low cost shops have opened everywhere and now huge brands businesses will open next-door!  We feel abandoned.” says an employee of a local off license. The project in fact will lead to the opening of new shops, a brand new shopping centre, a cinema, few pubs and 4776 new homes with only 1481 affordable ones.

Council house under construction
Council house under construction

As stated in the Southwark Council report, the decision was made to provide high quality and sustainable neighbourhood to meet the area’s potential. ” The government is investing on this big project promoted as useful for us as it should includes new council houses and affordable homes but many families living in temporary houses on a waiting list have seen many of these turning into privates and the remaining ones are definitely not affordable as said.” complaints Miss J, local resident and manager of the local Salvation Army.

But on the other hand, “Southwark will be much better” says firmly Jawsek, one of the constructors working on the site.


View of the construction of the Elephant and Park – known as South Gardens

A taste of Italy

Easy and simple to prepare the Tiramisu is the best dessert I’ve had so far. Although I’ve had it in few different places, the one that got my heart is mom’s one. The key of her Tiramisu is that unlike others, hers contains more chocolate rather than coffee and the perfect quantity of Mascarpone cream. Served in espresso plates this dessert tastes exactly like Italy and is perfect for enjoying something sweet without feeling guilty.

Traditional Tiramisu. Image is courtesy of BBC food.  


 All you will need to do is to drawn Savoyard biscuits into a bowl with coffee and then placed them together in line into a trial. Cover them with Mascarpone cream and add cacao power on them, then do the same thing for few more layers (usually three). Let it chill for few hours and voila you’re ready to enjoy Italy itself. 

Full recipe here