Shelves left empty after Beast from East

Temperatures are starting to increase again in the UK, after the country was hit by the “Beast from the East”, the Siberian winter storm that brought snow and freezing temperatures across Europe throughout the week, with the highest  peek being on Wednesday.

On Wednesday indeed, the U.K. Met Office issued its highest “red risk to life” alert as up to 50 cm of snow was falling on the streets, forcing thousands of schools to close, flights being cancelled and operations in hospitals cancelled too. But one of the most affected “sectors” were grocery retail structures. 

Shoppers took it to social media to report empty supermarket shelves with various photos being posted on Twitter proving a massive shortage of products along the country. The main goods which were missing was bread, milk and eggs besides fruit and vegetables. The bad weather conditions made it very difficult for suppliers to deliver stock, that is why retailers say they are still experiencing localised disruptions. The scrambling for basics came after customers started to shop in fear that the storm would have been longer and would have made it impossible to drive around. Milk and bread only last for about a week, however they seem to be the privileged goods people decided to stock on during any catastrophic event, ever since World War II.  Shelves were left bare at Aldi, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Co-op and various local shops, and queues were over an hour. The fear, created chaos in stores, with customers pushing each other out of the way to grab the last of the product. However, we can assume that retailers won’t have to see these scenes for a while now as the poor conditions have come to an end, with deliveries finally going back to normal. 

The red alert has finally passed now, however yellow warnings for snow and ice remain in place for most of Scotland until tonight. Temperatures have improved since the biting cold earlier in the week – London is forecasted to be 10C , but, there still will be a risk of ice during clearer spells, particularly further north.



Sexual harassment on public transport

image: caters news agent


The Sun posted a video uploaded on Facebook by a commuter, showing the aftermath of a woman potentially being sexually harassed.
We asked the people of Elephant and Castle about their sexual harassment experiences and how they’ve dealt with it.
Delina Petiros & Remeka Washington Wint.

I proposed to cover this topic during our morning meeting after seeing an article on The Sun, and news editor Laura approved it. I went to the station and to the shopping centre to record voxes  with Remeka and Francisca. I also edited the clip once we’re back in the newsroom and uploaded the package on all platforms. Unfortunately we couldn’t manage to get an expert interview and we also couldn’t record voiceovers in the studio because used for bulletins so there’s a bit of echo that I unsuccessfully tried to fix on Audition.

Baby it’s cold outside.. Let’s go abroad

Over the past few years more and more people have decided to spend their Christmas away in other countries drinking cocktails by the beach, but why?

Dusting off old grandma’s recipes with your mom and aunties, drinking hot chocolates with your siblings and cousins, watching Christmas programs and singing Christmas carols can pretty much summarise everyone’s celebration of this festivity, but you’re wrong. This year, Nadia will fly to Cuba with her best friend exactly two weeks before Christmas Day. She is a working 21 year old girl who has always spent Christmas at home with her family until the age of 17 when her parents divorced and she moved to London. Ever since then she explains to me how every Christmas has never been the same and that’s the reason why she then decided she’d rather spend it with her friends. “This is the first time I’m actually going to a whole different continent and I couldn’t be more excited!” says Nadia about her upcoming trip: “I’ve stopped associating Christmas with cold weather and family over the years as I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just a concept within people’s mind that I don’t have to follow”.

A survey conducted in the UK in 2016 of over 1500 people by YouGov, shows how 23% of people have already spent Christmas on foreign soil, whilst a further 42% have not but would consider doing so. On the contrary, a third (34%) have not and would not consider going overseas for the festive period.

Amongst the most desired destinations we have Spain, at a massive 17%, immensely popular for both people who have already been abroad for holidays and people who would like to go. The US and France are next with 14% and 10% of people that have already spent their Christmas there in the past. 

Men are more likely to fly away in the future but the percentage of men and women who have previously been away is the same. Young people between the age of 18 and 24 seems to be the ones who tend to travel the most at Christmas with a good 32% but the majority of people who would consider to do so are between the age of 25 to 49 with an impressive 50%. This proves how Nadia is definitely not a single case but is instead a habit for the youth to follow her example.

This Christmas 24 year old Harry won’t be at home, he has in fact decided he will go to Italy with his girlfriend to celebrate Christmas with her on holiday: “I was a bit scared of the idea of not spending Christmas at home and I was especially worried about my girlfriend’s potential reaction, in fact I surprised her with tickets that I bought during the Black Friday weekend but luckily she was absolutely enthusiastic, right now we both can’t wait.” 

However this “new trend” doesn’t seem to affect the traveling business: “Most of the people flying out are families, in fact only about 3% of our clients are people under 30 going away on their own”, explains travel agent Malcolm De Souza. In the agency young people tend to go on holiday in groups over the summer, whilst over Christmas travellers are mainly families going back to  their countries to visit relatives.

With a cocktail by the beach or a hot chocolate at home, what’s sure for now is we’ll all celebrate Christmas. 

by Delina Petiros

(Images by Delina Petiros)

Fifth live show – review

Week 10 has been the most challenging week so far, for me. For this show I covered the role of director and although I had to face various challenges I can say I’m really satisfied with the final result. 

For this week I wanted to change things around and so I thought about moving the bulletins presenters position, improving the lighting for both social media and sofa presenters. I decided to have Nick, for bulletins, to stand giving his back to the production desk having the screens on the background but to do so I had to    collaborate with the floor manager Remeka. We set the shot and she helped me clear all the space around as I decided to use the bulletins light for social media too, and once again Remeka was vital for this decision as she brilliantly managed to move the light, with Jacob’s help, and set it exactly as I said. It was risky because everything would have happened light but we absolutely managed to succeed, in fact the shot were fantastic and presenters gave it all: Nick posture and engagement made the difference, as well as Isla confidence and passion.

Because of this process I decided not to worry about having three shots of sofa presenters and sofa reporter but only used camera one for the introduction of Moona and then I just kept camera two on her, so this is something I definitely have to work on for next week. All the girls involved in the sofa presenting did a fantastic job, especially considering that Saf had to step in last minute, due to James not feeling well, and also because there were quite few problems with the scripting but thanks to a great communication through talkback we managed to look relaxed and confident during the streaming of the show. A major mistake everyone made was timing: we were all too chilled in the morning and had to rush in the afternoon having the production meeting at 2 and rehearsing at nearly 2.45 so not only we didn’t run through the whole show but didn’t even have the time to correct any mistake, but I’m sure me and Jacob will be able to solve this problem in the upcoming week.

The content of the show was not so great in my opinion, there were only. a couple of VTs I was happy with. We all need to work on steadiness of shots and audio quality, we all didn’t have filming sequences or relevant interviews and lower thirds, if present, were right in the middle of the screen.

My Vt team this week covered the opening of the first pop up store in the world where people can buy real gifts for refugees. I found out about this store on a website and decided to go down there with Moona to film and luckily we had the opportunity to interview Co-founder James Turner, who came up with the idea of the store. Unfortunately we had some issues with our microphone and so we ended up recording with just the camera mic. 

Fourth live show review

On week 8 we managed, once again, to produce an other great show, however quite few things unfortunately went wrong. Somehow the show started after two minutes the streaming had already start and the show has been uploaded on all platforms as it was, but that didn’t cause any problems with audio or video sync. 

In regards to the presenters I definitely saw an important improvement, although they’ve fantastically performed on the previous week. They both had a really relaxed but composed body language and had lovely “chit chats” between them along interesting reactions after each package.

The production team and the director were on point this week as well, however a few mistake could have been avoided: microphones were not tested before the show, the last VT had been prematurely cut before its ending and the lights on social media presenter could have been better positioned.

All Vts had great contents and were absolutely relevant but ended up not showing their best potentials: most of the packages were lacking from expert interviews or film sequences, however framing and audio/video quality had improved significantly.

Massive well done for bulletin presenter, social media presenter and sofa reporter. We all went on camera with important up to date stories and presented them with confidence but emphaty whilst remaining professional.



Third live show review

This week’s show was an absolute success! Everything went quite smoothly thanks to the organisation of the production team and the directors, as well as a more active participation from all the teams. In fact scripts were quickly ready, all VT were up and everyone was more aware of their roles and so this allowed the presenters to rehears for a good hour and the people on desk managed to improve or solve any issue that came along. 

For the third show our presenters were Shola and George who were absolutely fantastic and I believe this was a great taste of what they would like their future job to look like. Being both interested into presenting was probably what allowed them to have such a natural but strong flow during the show, however an improvement for next week, in my opinion, would be for them to engage more between themselves and in particular to relax their bodies a bit more, as I understand the will of looking professional but being ours a students show  a more relaxed approached could make the show more fun.

The role of news editor was covered by Alice, who once again managed to come up with a brilliant variety of VTs ideas. The content of the show was really good and the running order she picked was impeccable, so there’s nothing I can say but a massive well done!

Our director Leanne was amazingly on point at every step and really focused since the very beginning of the morning and for this reason everything has been covered and checked ahead of time so although we struggled with one of the packages she promptly decided to keep the original and let the presenters apologise for the quality. The only suggestion I would make for her is to relax a bit because as a director I think you shouldn’t look too stressed because this may influence the team’s mood, specially during a meeting, rehearsal or just before the streaming. Also I feel like she did more than she was supposed to, she could have relied on the desk team a bit more, but again massive well done!

Social  media and bulletins presenters, Jacob and Remeka, were great and presented good stories with a natural but professional path although a bit too nervously at some points. A quick advice for next week would be for them to relax and try to enjoy it a bit more; also I would love to see their personalities as well and in particular Jacob’s one because although he did fantastically I know he can be more entertaining.

Us VT teams delivered really good packages and there’s not even one I wouldn’t rewatch again, however we still need to improve audio and video  quality of our films.

Last but not least a word on our first reporter on sofa Ralitsa. She was able not only to react to a last minute story to give us more details but she also managed to present a serious but relaxed insight of the story.

Esports bringing gamers together across London 


British gamers have gone to all lengths to be hidden away and reclusive from the real world, and left alone to save galaxies and conquer kingdoms, all from their bedrooms. However, no longer do they need to seclude themselves from the outer world, as eSports bars like ‘Meltdown’ give them the opportunity to all get together and do what they love to do with a glass of pint in reach.  

One of UK’s first eSports bars ‘Meltdown is a short walk from Caledonian Road station. ‘Meltdown’ is just one of the many eSports bars across London, which give gamers a place to socialise at the same time as playing. Other similar bars across London are, ‘Scenario’ based at Soho and ‘Four Quarters’ at Peckham. 

ESports bars stand out amongst other ‘normal’ bars, that are now too many to count in London. 

Each bar has been opened with the sole purpose of providing its customers a handful of ‘craft beers’, ‘classic arcade cabinets’, and a range of sandwich toaster based delicacies to be eaten one-handed, all whilst playing. The bars are not only stocked with the usual collection of lagers and ales, but also with a menu of pun-based cocktails, keeping it fun and unique just like the bars itself. 

The owners of the bars have gone to considerable lengths to keep their arcade machines and other consoles as authentic as possible, so gamers can experience classics like King of Fighters, Pac-man and Space Invaders. 

The bars also hold events on a weekly basis which can be found on their websites, for gamers who wish to socialize with others. The bars are not just for gaming lovers, but also a fun place for launch parties as well as for developers during the week to meet up and work on projects. 

By Delina Petiros 

We don’t celebrate Halloween!

Every year is the same story, people get really excited by the beginning of October and start talking non stop about their plans for the upcoming holidays, but, if you’re African like me, there’s one day in particular that you definitely don’t want to talk about, and that is Halloween. You’re probably thinking this is going to be some ironic feature about why I don’t celebrate this festivity, but the truth is that this is not only mine but each and every African’s real story: we don’t celebrate Halloween!

Growing up with African parents means you receive a specific education and you learn a different culture which include one of the most important value: spirituality. Since we were child our parents always told us: “Why would you celebrate the Devil or dress up as a witch? Do you want to be a witch? Do you want to be evil?”. Other ethnicities cannot way to transform into zombies, ghosts, monsters, etc… and it seems like everyone is competing for the title of best costume and so our social media’s timelines are full of all these records for at least a whole week. But if you’re African than you are against all of this because you probably don’t watch horror movies, you don’t go to strangers house to ask for sweets ( here a tweet of a man misadventure that could be used as proof), and all of this for a specific reason. Africans are really attached to religion and so anything that doesn’t not come from God is against God, so is not a surprise how in most of the churches all over the world the majority of believers turns out to be black. 

In conclusion I hoped you’ve learned that just because you celebrate a holiday it doesn’t mean than everyone else does and sometimes the reason could be more interesting than you think.

Second live show- Review

Our second live show was definitely a big step ahead as everyone covered each and every role with more confidence. A massive well done to our presenters and the production team! All the clips were flowing nicely and I really enjoyed the little “chats” between Sydney and Barbara as well as our professional bulletin presenter James even though because of a technical issue his mic ended up being really low. A huge improvement was made by social media presenter Maddie who once again had really balanced stories to present.

Moving onto our packages I found the topics being much more intriguing with a couple of really interesting stories delivered with great PTCs. Still some improvement has to be made on the overall quality but I’m confident we’re going in the right direction. A final note I want to make is a general feedback everyone gave as groups; not everyone is working as much as other people are and although being in week 5 some of us still needs to pushed but other than that once again I believe we managed to present a really good show.

First Live show review

Our first live show took place on the 19th of October and there are quite few things that went well and others that could be improved. The presenters were great and although we had a couple of technical issues they managed to rapidly recover thanks to the nice engagement they had between themselves and the audience. The only “negative” note I personally didn’t like was how they have been framed but other than that everything else was brilliant.

All Vt group did a fantastic job considering these were our first packages after the summer break. A few thing to improve are audio quality, framing and interviews, infact my group ended up interviewing the same person an other group interviewed. An other feedback the director gave us was in regard the cuts of the VTs, most of them like ours  didn’t have a couple of seconds at the beginning or at the end to make the mix easier.

The atmosphere during the show was really stressed, however everyone knew what their role was and communicated any issue to the team. In conclusion despite a couple mistakes and technical issues I can say we delivered quite a nice show.