Louie Louie, more than just a coffee.



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The number of coffee shops in the UK has doubled in a decade, increasing competition provide consumers with the best quality now more than ever.

So how can an outlet be defined as unique?!


Opened on Walworth Road on the 3rd of January, Louie Louie has already conquered great reviews thanks to a particular engagement between music and coffee. 

I met owner Chris G to find out more.

Q: If you could just give us a brief summery of what your business’s about, what is the sort of story behind Louie Louie….

A: okay so I’m a local resident, I’ve been here 20 years and myself and two partners who are also from the area decided to put together a highbred caffe restaurant, bar, music venue

Q: I can see a lot albums around and I also read online you have a really good connection between your food, the environment around here and music. Do you want to explain us a bit more about this?

A: Well, again it’s like adapting to environment, you know licensing and laws and such, you know you can’t make a lot of noise, you have to respect your neighbours and so for me this a reaction to volume. What we’ve gone to is quality so that is really really good sound with quite expensive stuff. It’s all about clarity and feeling the music rather than volume.

Like for instance music became, people’s perception of music became a free thing a free commodity and this more or less destroyed the music industry through Internet and sharing in fact you know I’ve done loads of music venues and people just won’t to pay to go see a live gig because they go oh hang on music is free on my phone why should I pay for a performance?


V1: yeah so I come here because it’s a really cool place to hang out there’s not many cool coffee shops around Elephant and Castle, so it’s really nice to find one you enjoy sitting in. I like coming here to work they have cool vibe, cool music, is a good time.

V2: yeah I come here to relax after working with a good coffee, passing a good time. I really enjoy it.


So now you know where to go for a coffee!


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