Third live show review

This week’s show was an absolute success! Everything went quite smoothly thanks to the organisation of the production team and the directors, as well as a more active participation from all the teams. In fact scripts were quickly ready, all VT were up and everyone was more aware of their roles and so this allowed the presenters to rehears for a good hour and the people on desk managed to improve or solve any issue that came along. 

For the third show our presenters were Shola and George who were absolutely fantastic and I believe this was a great taste of what they would like their future job to look like. Being both interested into presenting was probably what allowed them to have such a natural but strong flow during the show, however an improvement for next week, in my opinion, would be for them to engage more between themselves and in particular to relax their bodies a bit more, as I understand the will of looking professional but being ours a students show  a more relaxed approached could make the show more fun.

The role of news editor was covered by Alice, who once again managed to come up with a brilliant variety of VTs ideas. The content of the show was really good and the running order she picked was impeccable, so there’s nothing I can say but a massive well done!

Our director Leanne was amazingly on point at every step and really focused since the very beginning of the morning and for this reason everything has been covered and checked ahead of time so although we struggled with one of the packages she promptly decided to keep the original and let the presenters apologise for the quality. The only suggestion I would make for her is to relax a bit because as a director I think you shouldn’t look too stressed because this may influence the team’s mood, specially during a meeting, rehearsal or just before the streaming. Also I feel like she did more than she was supposed to, she could have relied on the desk team a bit more, but again massive well done!

Social  media and bulletins presenters, Jacob and Remeka, were great and presented good stories with a natural but professional path although a bit too nervously at some points. A quick advice for next week would be for them to relax and try to enjoy it a bit more; also I would love to see their personalities as well and in particular Jacob’s one because although he did fantastically I know he can be more entertaining.

Us VT teams delivered really good packages and there’s not even one I wouldn’t rewatch again, however we still need to improve audio and video  quality of our films.

Last but not least a word on our first reporter on sofa Ralitsa. She was able not only to react to a last minute story to give us more details but she also managed to present a serious but relaxed insight of the story.

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Petiros Delina

Petiros Delina

21 y/o Journalism student at London South Bank University.