Fourth live show review

On week 8 we managed, once again, to produce an other great show, however quite few things unfortunately went wrong. Somehow the show started after two minutes the streaming had already start and the show has been uploaded on all platforms as it was, but that didn’t cause any problems with audio or video sync. 

In regards to the presenters I definitely saw an important improvement, although they’ve fantastically performed on the previous week. They both had a really relaxed but composed body language and had lovely “chit chats” between them along interesting reactions after each package.

The production team and the director were on point this week as well, however a few mistake could have been avoided: microphones were not tested before the show, the last VT had been prematurely cut before its ending and the lights on social media presenter could have been better positioned.

All Vts had great contents and were absolutely relevant but ended up not showing their best potentials: most of the packages were lacking from expert interviews or film sequences, however framing and audio/video quality had improved significantly.

Massive well done for bulletin presenter, social media presenter and sofa reporter. We all went on camera with important up to date stories and presented them with confidence but emphaty whilst remaining professional.



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Petiros Delina

Petiros Delina

21 y/o Journalism student at London South Bank University.