Fifth live show – review

Week 10 has been the most challenging week so far, for me. For this show I covered the role of director and although I had to face various challenges I can say I’m really satisfied with the final result. 

For this week I wanted to change things around and so I thought about moving the bulletins presenters position, improving the lighting for both social media and sofa presenters. I decided to have Nick, for bulletins, to stand giving his back to the production desk having the screens on the background but to do so I had to    collaborate with the floor manager Remeka. We set the shot and she helped me clear all the space around as I decided to use the bulletins light for social media too, and once again Remeka was vital for this decision as she brilliantly managed to move the light, with Jacob’s help, and set it exactly as I said. It was risky because everything would have happened light but we absolutely managed to succeed, in fact the shot were fantastic and presenters gave it all: Nick posture and engagement made the difference, as well as Isla confidence and passion.

Because of this process I decided not to worry about having three shots of sofa presenters and sofa reporter but only used camera one for the introduction of Moona and then I just kept camera two on her, so this is something I definitely have to work on for next week. All the girls involved in the sofa presenting did a fantastic job, especially considering that Saf had to step in last minute, due to James not feeling well, and also because there were quite few problems with the scripting but thanks to a great communication through talkback we managed to look relaxed and confident during the streaming of the show. A major mistake everyone made was timing: we were all too chilled in the morning and had to rush in the afternoon having the production meeting at 2 and rehearsing at nearly 2.45 so not only we didn’t run through the whole show but didn’t even have the time to correct any mistake, but I’m sure me and Jacob will be able to solve this problem in the upcoming week.

The content of the show was not so great in my opinion, there were only. a couple of VTs I was happy with. We all need to work on steadiness of shots and audio quality, we all didn’t have filming sequences or relevant interviews and lower thirds, if present, were right in the middle of the screen.

My Vt team this week covered the opening of the first pop up store in the world where people can buy real gifts for refugees. I found out about this store on a website and decided to go down there with Moona to film and luckily we had the opportunity to interview Co-founder James Turner, who came up with the idea of the store. Unfortunately we had some issues with our microphone and so we ended up recording with just the camera mic. 

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