October 2018

Mobile News Gathering

There has been a massive development with news gathering in journalism and is actually changing the way that we not only collect information but also present it as journalists.

To err is human; to forgive, divine.

Pieter Hugo took photographs of the perpetrators and victims who had reconciled with each other after the genocide that happened in southern Rwanda 20 years ago.

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Millwall’s Defeat by Reading FC.

Millwall lost 3-1 to Reading on Saturday, Coach Neil Harris looks on the bright side of this defeat. Looking at all the positives that can be taken from the game.

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Analytical Uprising

There are many editorial issues than can come about when using analytics in the newsroom as well as the increasing need for instant updates on news stories.

A Penny For Your Thoughts?

We have all done it, turned away someone on the streets when they have asked for some change. A stall in Borough Market aims to help the homeless by selling coffee.

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“The Last Girl”

The profile of Nadia Murad in the Guardian, highlights her undeniable courage as she escaped from her last captor.