Is There a Loss of Narrative?

Digital developments has changed the way we consume news dramatically in recent years.

Only a few years ago we was gathering newspapers in order to get the latest news, whereas now, we just open up our phones and go on social media.  This causes a decline in the amount of newspapers purchased as more people can easily access it on the Internet.

Globally 12% of people use social media as their news source found Reuter’s Review 2018.

There is however another issue that has arisen with the technological advance – narrative. Does the Internet ruin the whole narrative of a story? Narrative is an essential part of writing especially in news as you want to engage your audience in order to keep them reading. But, now that we have the Internet the harder it is to stay focused on a long piece of writing, maybe its due to there being no narrative that flows throughout to keep our attention.

With the advances of technology and Media platforms we should not sacrifice this essential part of Journalism.