Black Cab Blockade on London Bridge

Taxi Demo on London Bridge
Photograph of Taxi Demo given Grant Davis
Photographs of Taxis on London Bridge given by Grant Davis

Taxi Demonstration on Tooley Road, photograph by Grant Davis

Angry taxi drivers take over London Bridge in a protest over an argument on taxi cab restrictions. Causing many issues for bus routes. 

This protest started on Monday in the evening causing delays to many bus routes. Grant Davis is the chairman of London Cab Drivers Clubs when asked about what the reason for the demonstration he told JLDN  “The aim of the protest was to highlight the new plans by TFL to ban taxis from Tooley St.”

London Bridge Demonstration, photograph from Grant Davis

Photograph of demonstration across London Bridge, photograph by Grant Davis

Grant said that previous actions were taken to highlight their anger at the new plans, “Social media and we also had 5,000 info leaflets handed out informing members of the public why we where protesting.”

TFL’s director of strategy and network development, Ben Plowden commented in a statement “All feedback on our proposals will be thoroughly assessed and taken into account.” which was published in The Standard.

A local student, Jai Mills told JLDN “After 6+ hours at university having then to add another 2 hours can get annoying.”

She also added “..this isn’t the first time, it affects me and other people who just want to get home.”

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