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Barack Obama Speech

These charts show the different words American presidents have used over the last few years and the frequency at which they have been used to what effect. For example, the National Post has made an infographic that clearly outlines the different words used by George W. Bush compared to Barack Obama. This infographic is clear to understand, however, there is some overlapping with the results. You do also have to zoom in in order to really get the full picture. From the data gathered you can see that Barack Obama used the words ‘house/home’ far more than George W. Bush did.

The next infographic was from The Washington Post where it compares the words that Donald Trump has used with the ones that Barack Obama has. Donald Trump has used words like ‘dethroned’ or ‘imploding’ whereas Obama has used less harsher words like ‘broadband’ and ‘antifraud.’ This shows the polar opposites of these two presidents and their different styles of governing. The way that this infographic is set out is much like grids which is easier to read than the last one, making it much clearer for the audience to interpret and gather the information.

My final infographic is the one created by The Atlantic, where it is much more detailed showing a variety of American leaders. Dating all the way back to George Washington. This is in the form of a chart in which you can click on whatever president you want and read various speeches they have made. It also shows how many words per million that they have used in the speeches that they have made. Using bright colours in order to keep the audiences attention.

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