Digital Journalism 2

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Infographics – Week 6

Monday 4th March 2019 Digital Journalism 2 – FightHoax Dataset: check LSBU data on mental health (dropouts, mental health cases, increases/decreases.) “How the idea of Fighthoax was born.” – Donald Trump What is Fighthoax? •…

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Choosing a Dataset

Mental Health data collected on students in the UK. I chose this as it has become an increasing issue in today’s society around young people who are studying in higher education. different angles: correlation data…

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Infographics – Week 5

Monday 25th February 2018 Digital Journalism – Big Data Journalism Introduction to Data Science Big Data Big data is information assets with the four Vs: • Volume: how much? • Velocity: growth rate? • Variety:…

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Infographics – Week 3

Monday 11th February 2019 Broadcast Journalism 2 – Facts, Stats and Lies Extrapolation – using the data on the facts from the past and trying to predict behavior in the future. Don’t just publish raw…

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State Union Speech Data

These charts show the different words American presidents have used over the last few years and the frequency at which they have been used to what effect. For example, the National Post has made an…

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Infographics – Week 1/2

Monday 28th January 2018Digital Journalism 2 – 2pm • Data journalism – Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. • Records or measurements of something. These are often numbers – but not always….