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Brexit Blog

The angle of our story was getting the public’s thoughts and reservations on Brexit so far. Brexit VT Analysis: When analysing our Brexit VT’s we looked at the good and the bad points of our…

Infographics – Week 6

Monday 4th March 2019 Digital Journalism 2 – FightHoax Dataset: check LSBU data on mental health (dropouts, mental health cases, increases/decreases.) “How the idea of Fighthoax was born.” – Donald Trump What is Fighthoax? •…

Choosing a Dataset

Mental Health data collected on students in the UK. I chose this as it has become an increasing issue in today’s society around young people who are studying in higher education. different angles: correlation data…


Infographics – Week 5

Monday 25th February 2018 Digital Journalism – Big Data Journalism Introduction to Data Science Big Data Big data is information assets with the four Vs: • Volume: how much? • Velocity: growth rate? • Variety:…

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Ella Forbes – Performer and now businesswoman.

Ella Forbes has made some major changes in her life recently, from focusing on herself to improve her study habits and her outlook on life to adventuring into the world of business incorporating her love…

Winter Wonderland entrance at Hyde Park

Review: Feeling festive at Winter Wonderland

The perfect attraction for this time of year, Winter Wonderland 2018 has come back around to Hyde Park in London. This is event is ever popular in the community and is sure to put the…

Traditional vs Technology-Driven

Increasing tensions have amounted to quite a few issues between traditional and technology-driven journalism. This issue is more of a conceptual than an actual issue because traditional journalists try to include technology into their news….

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Review: Tower Bridge

This overwhelming monument crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London. Built between 1886 and 1894.