London Fashion Week reinvented due to Covid-19 crisis.

 Online catwalks shows : A modernisation that will undoubtedly lead to the future of the Fashion industry.

London’s Fashion week, which took place from Thursday seventeenth to Tuesday twenty-second of September 2020, has been completely remodeled by the British fashion designers in response of the current worldwide pandemic situation of COVID-19 by organising innovative online catwalks shows. The British Fashion Council said: « LFW is one of the few international events to still be going ahead in London, proving the industry’s resilience, creativity and innovation in difficult times.»

All along last week, the fashion industry had to face questioning and managed to organise their events despite the restrictions in the UK. The fashion designers and their teams found that web-accessible events were the solution to be able to hold their shows and display the latest trends to the whole world without endangering everyone’s health. « It’s interesting how the situation has forced us to think about other ways of communicating [fashion], these methods can be as beautiful and valid [as a show] » said Erdem Moralıoğlu to Vogue, designer of Erdem’s brand. 

The iconic trench coat brand, Burberry, did a live show in the woods, hosted on the popular live streaming platform Twitch. A notable innovation that made the Fashion shows more visible by being broadcast by the media or on social media all around the world. By making shows more « accessible », creators ensure profitable advertising and visibility for their brand. According to a Rod Manley statement, chief marketing officer at Burberry: « Burberry has always been a brand of firsts and partnering with Twitch continues this legacy. Twitch unlocks an exciting new space where our Burberry community can be digitally transported to feel like they have a virtual seat at our live show. »

It is a concept that we expect to see more in the coming years. COVID-19 crisis has shaped the future of the fashion industry and Erdem Moralıoğlu stated to Vogue : “What we all want is evolving. I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a gigantic reset (than during this difficult situation).” London Fashion Week ushered in a new era of Fashion, the shows must go on at all costs in order to ensure the survival of this industry.