Gabrielle Chanel’s life and forwardness are the subject of an exhibition in Paris.

On the first of October 2020, the first-ever retrospective in France of an extraordinary fashion woman, Gabrielle Chanel, has opened at the Palais Galliera in Paris, until fourteenth of March 2021.

After the reopening of the Palais Galliera, known as the Fashion museum, a retrospective of « Coco » Chanel’s life (1883 – 1971) and work are put in relief thanks to more than 350 pieces from the Palais Galliera Collections and Patrimoine de CHANEL but also from worldwide museums.

Coco Chanel’s famous needlework

The aim of the exhibit is to concentrate on her work and to discover her contribution to the history of fashion. “She could have been a woman of today: free. She said what she wanted, she did what she wanted. She was already quite autonomous in her way of building her life. She was a businesswoman, she was an artist, she was connected with all the people of her time. She was, in fact, before the time of social media, very modern in her way of interacting.” said Bruno Pavlovsky, the Chanel brand’s Fashion President, to Vogue Magazine. 

The exhibition truly shows that her style is a timeless elegance and how much Gabrielle Chanel was ahead of her time by freeding the female body by adopting a new masculine attitude in female Fashion.