French nation pays tribute to the murdered teacher, Samuel Paty, in Paris.

 On 21th of October, a nation tribute ceremony to the beheaded teacher was organised and led by Emmanuel Macron in the Cour d’honneur of the Sorbonne in Paris.

 During the ceremony, the Legion d’Honneur has been given to Samuel Patty to thank him for his devotion to his republic duty by teaching the French values to his pupils. He was beheaded while returning from his job on 16th of October, by an eighteen years old boy after showing cartoons from Charlie Hebdo, of the Prophet Muhammad to his pupils

President Emmanuel Macron delivering his speech during the ceremony

The murder is seen as an affront to the French Republic by most of the politicians because it has attacked its main values, education and secularism. Macron stated in front of 400 guests attending the homage and made a promise to all the teachers around the country « we will continue the fight for freedom (…) because in France, professor, the Lights (meaning the knowledge) never go out. » 

While leaving the ceremony, President macron affirmed to a teacher its willpower to make French society peaceful again “we will not win overnight and” we will not change society overnight “but” we will not give up ». Samuel Paty is seen as a real martyred hero and the face of French Republic by the population and became a symbol of « the desire to break terrorists, to live as a community of free citizens in our country » according to the French Head of State.