Intro to broadcast journalism: AUDIO WORKBOOK


November 2nd/ 

We did a task where we had to record different sounds from different rooms in order to recognise and identified clearly which room it was. I found this task quite easy but the only difficulty that I noticed was to clearly record the sound without any other noises around. 

November 3rd/ 

We had to do a “montage“ task where we had to record 5 different files from YouTube videos on Audition. We had to pick some videos that we could use for our assessment about “My local COVID”. Then I chose 5 videos about how the British film, theatre and TV are impacted by the pandemic situation in the UK. 

  • Lockdown announcement by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson (background) 
  • Restrictions concerning the current lockdown (background)
  • Theatre industry facing the pandemic: Interview of the CEO of the British film commission, Adrian Wootton.
  • Background extra sounds: “action“ 
  • Local theatre The Old Vic in crisis: Interview of the artistic director, Matthew Warchus

Video links: 

= Discovering how to use Adobe Audition: kinda of hard to understand but after using the different tools and record some audio files and clips, it felt way much easier thanks to the practice of the software. 

November 4th/

We created our own audio file thanks to Headliner software. We had to write a caption on a picture that we chose and then add the appropriate song or music describing our caption. I created a file where I add a picture of an empty street in Scotland. Then I wrote “loneliness has increased” during the pandemic crisis. And finally I add a nostalgic song in order to get the emotion of loneliness. This emotion is how I’m feeling right now and since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, so I thought it illustrated really well the idea of our subject “My COVID”.

November 5th/

I went on campus for the workshop.  We discovered how to use the main tools on this software. At first I was a little bit worried because I’ve never used this kinda of softwares before. However, at the end of the workshop, I felt way much confident concerning its using. 

We edited our audio clips recorded all along the week and we posted the finished project on soundcloud.