Intro to broadcast journalism: WORKBOOK


November 9th/ 

I recorded several video clips describing how I coped during the first Covid wave. I used two different angles, the medium close-up and a feet close-up in order to illustrate my text. I kept the original sound of the clips. These shots will be really helpful for the editing session on Thursday on Adobe Premiere. It was really interesting to think about finding the right angle in order to fit with the text. 

November 10th/

I selected some videos that I took during the first lockdown in order to use them as a cutaways for an exercise on Adobe Premiere. I paid attention to frame these shots in order to get an more balanced shot. 

November 11th/ 

I chose my subject for the assessment package about My Local COVID. So my project would be focusing on mental health and loneliness and how sharing our struggles with others can help us getting through it. Basically, I discovered that artists that I love created a project where 6 different persons expose their mental health issues and I thought it was really interesting to talk about it. Indeed, I am personally affected by mental health instability and it’s not something that I talk a lot with my relatives because I think that there is a lot of people in a worst situation than me so I don’t have to complain about how I feel. However, by listening to people getting through the same issues as you can be helpful in order to feel less alone facing our problems. So thanks to this project I can cover mental health issues and feeling of loneliness due to COVID-19 crisis and talk about my vision and feeling about it as well. I will send them an email soon asking interview of Artists giving their feeling about mental health and loneliness and also of a counsellor specialising in grief and bereavement.

November 12th/

We worked on Adobe premiere, it was the first time for me working on the software. I found this tool really interesting and intuitive to use. At the end of the session I was confident with the really basic editing tools. So I produced a piece of work in order to practice. So there it is: