Audio package script

Date: 23/11/2020

Guests: Marcus Rashford, Alice (…), Mark, Chloe, Steve Barclay. (all pre-recorded)

Intro 14”: Marcus Rashford’s focus is not on scoring goals anymore. His plan for 3 meals for the poorest children in England during half term might be rejected by the government but he is not giving up.

Marcus Rashford’s interview 7”: I mean I’ll take that all day long as long as we see the improvement going forward.

Teaser Café 5”: Judging by the number of restaurants and café that he has been retweeting all day, others feel the same.

Alice’s interview 1, 7”: There will be sandwich, there will be fruit, a yogurt, crisps and a treat as well

Alice’s introduction 10”: Monday to Friday next week she will be packing up 3 lunches. She’s from a big family, 7 brothers and 4 sisters, so this is personal.

Alice’s interview 2, 11”: Being on a free school meals as a child, I guess you don’t really appreciate. I understand that your parents are not able to provide those 3 meals a day for you.

Teaser restaurant 14”: Lots of place are inspired by the strike’s campaign. Like Mark in Newcastle who is opening up their local football club next week. Their ad said “NO CHILD SHOULD GO HUNGRY”. No judgment, no questions just get in touch.

Mark’s interview 9”: sandwiches, crisps, a yogurt, any drink…

Teaser Manchester 5”: Same story in Manchester were sandwiches, crisps and fresh fruits on offer. Chloe and her team wanted to get evolved.

Chloe’s Interview 20”: I think that this wrong that kids should go without meal during the holidays and during such a hard time.

Teaser government 20”: The campaign did force the government to provide 3 meals during the summer holiday in England. But this time politician are not persuaded. They say they are already looking after those in need.

Steve Barclay’s interview 10”: …

Conclusion 10”: In Wales, there will be 3 free meals until Easter. Northern Ireland until next half term, so there’s pressure on England. Birmingham, …, Kensington and Chelsea local authorities have promised to provide …

Alice’s conclusion 5”: …