How can photographic journalism compete with the rise of social media?- From the eyes of Russell Boyce

Last week, Russell Boyce (Photograph journalist of Reuters) gave a talk on the difficulties that photo journalists face in todays society. Not only to find funding to carry on producing content for clients, but also with the intense competition of other companies and people with access to social media and can update the world before the photo journalists.

One of the main problems that he addressed was that the competition that comes along with people being able to upload pictures of events immediately to their social medias and how to keep up with that demand. Whether or not the pictures are of good quality there needs to be a good balance between quality but also trying to get the first picture and being the first to upload. This not only helps reputation but also brings in more clients if they know you are the first to get the pictures and are consistently a good quality.

During the talk, Russell suggested ‘competition is high, if we don’t keep up with the demand then our companies die’ which suggest just how intense the demand is for photo journalists to supply the best content to their clients.