Filter bubbles and echo chambers

Instagram, I chose this social media account to examine my newsfeed to identify any possible filter bubbles and echo chambers. I found out today that I use instagram to search for bloggers who travel a lot, maybe because I love traveling. I know that I love watching blogs, but I found that all the bloggers who I follow are interested in traveling more than anything else. Therefor, I am in a filter bubble and echo chamber as I don’t search a lot for beauty or politics.

In addition, every time I open Instagram there is a section which says “for you” this section contents things which will be interesting only for me, which is also an echo chamber. However, this app is easy to use I have it on my mobile phone and all the things which I love will appear in front of me in a few seconds. Finally, how can I escape from my filter bubble? I have one easy way, which is exploring more about different things which are new and away from traveling blogs.