Tensions between traditional and technology-driven journalism

The technology is developing a lot of things around us for example our style of living, it is making everything much easier than before and of course it is affecting journalism in a way or another.

It is much easier today for the journalists to find stories by using data, with the traditional journalism you must be everywhere to catch any story and write about it. Nowadays, the journalists can find a story and start researching or doing interviews by data.

In addition, gathering informations now is much easier than it was before, journalists can research any information they want by using data. But every positive thing has a negative side. For example the informations that the journalists are reading on the website can be wrong, that’s why it is important for the journalism to make sure that the information is correct and research it in a right way.

However, anyone can be journalist now because of technology, they can take their smart phones and start reporting what is going on. With the traditional journalism this opportunity wasn’t available.