State Of The Union Infographics

The New York Times used the ordered column, to show the words which President Obama used in his speeches. This method will help the readers to understand much better, to interpret you and you can see the varying numbers easily. Beside each chart the word which he used is written, beside the word you can see in which year he used the word and how many times. This means that it includes more details in the chart and it is easier for you to know more about the speech.

In addition, under each word President Obama used it’s written how many times he used this word and when. For example, under the word “health care” was written the meaning of it, how many times Obama said it and which year.

National post used the bubble diagram to compare between the words of the two presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. You can see in the bubble diagram which word each one of them used, how many times and which year. To make it easier they gave also each president a colour to know which word was to which president. The orange colour was Bush’s word and the blue was Obama’s word.