Reuters Digital Report: Most Significant Development

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Reuters Report 2018, proves many ways news is evolving and the different factors that are effecting the way people perceive the news. Social Media is one source that I believe is having a major impact along with age/generation in terms of effect within the news.

With the vast majority of the younger generation following social media platforms there has been an increase in fake news and this is because many are easily roped into believing what they see. People can take what they see and spread to other places, e.g. on Instagram you can press the share button and choose who to send it to, where to share it or can simple copy the link and put it anywhere.

Many also argue that social media is a right of free speech, which yes it is but does that mean we increase what is fake to gain attention? This is what social media is doing, influencing others that they can put up what they want and it doesn’t matter where it is true or not.

 I believe that Social Media is the most significant development we have got in the news over the past few years and it is now a place many turn to share much of their lives.


Reuters Institute Digital Report: