Fear of Brexit looming over local Businesses

Uncertainty, is what everyone feels with no real answer as to what will happen next year when the final Brexit deal is made and is probably why the council aren’t really able to give much support to local businesses. I questioned Sally Butcher owner of Persepolis an Artsy, grocery store with a café attached to it and she says that many of her customers are ‘Europeans’. This is a big concern for Ms Butcher, as there could be a big drop in customers when the Brexit deal is made.

‘They don’t know what is going to happen’, is what Ms Butcher says about Southwark Council and is also what the council have claimed to also feel with Brexit. It is this that is causing the fear amongst shopkeepers, as their businesses could suffer and they don’t know how. Until March 29thnext year, all business owners can do is wait and hope their businesses don’t suffer as much.