New Local Business is Encouraging People to Reuse Plastic in a Bid to Stop Plastic Waste

Owner Laura Hipkiss

‘An independent business that thought about its surroundings’, is what owner Lara Hipkiss said about the aim of her business. Having seen ‘birds make nests from plastic straws’ by the canal she lives on, was a big reason why she is trying to get people to start reusing plastic and know the importance the damage of disposing it incorrectly can do to the environment and the animals that feed off the plastics.

L-R: Grains and Spices

There has been much concern in the media recently regarding the way in which people use plastic and how they dispose of it. Bring Your Own (BYO), is a new local business in the Nunhead area encouraging locals to bring their own containers to fill with either grains, spices, granola, snacks, oils, shampoos, butter and wine etc.

Selection of Oils

The outcome has also been great with locals really enjoying coming in and being able to just buy a quantity they need instead of a whole container they wont need. ‘Everybody just wants it’ is what Hipkiss said about those who have visited in the past week and it shows people are really getting to grips with this kind of shopping. This can lead to a promising future for the environment if people continue to enjoy shopping in this way.

Bring Your Own (BYO): Closed: Monday-Tuesday 

                                        10:30-19:30: Wednesday-Friday

                                         10:00-18:00 Saturday

                                         10:30-16:30 Sunday