How Mobile News is Changing Journalism

Apple Macbook and iPhone 6

With the likes of new technologies, journalism is becoming more mobile with the likes of the mobile phone being the main source of change within the industry. We can now use the voice recorder app on our phones for interviews, camera to record live situations and also stream live from a scene of action via social media. Social Media has become the main focal point to help contribute information, updates on situations and also communicate with the world. Furthermore, the use of apps to notify people when a news story has been released or when a story is evolving you are notified of the news as soon as it is released.

With all the changes mentioned above within the development in the journalistic industry, it is allowing journalists to produce content quicker and give the people updates straight away. Apps like ‘KineMaster’, allow you to edit a video as soon as it is recorded, either send it to a news producer or post it straight onto a social media platform. This way of producing news is moving the industry and is aiding in its development. If things continue on developing things will become more mobile and less TV focused.