The Telegraph Attracting Young Viewers to News via Snapchat

Snapchat Logo

The Telegraph has taken to Snapchat to try and reach the younger audience to read stories they wouldn’t usually read through exciting and enticing features to keep them interested. The Telegraph, publishes a wide range of stories each day they vary from lifestyle, news and celebrity news.

The first thing I have seen them do is lead a reader to a story, they do this by positing a snap of a snippet of the story for a couple of snaps, the third or fourth story will be the last snippet and then your told to ‘swipe up’- to read the rest of the story. This idea is great for younger readers, as it gives them an idea of the story beforehand- not just a title, which is what helps get them interested and want to read the rest of the story.

One story that I found quiet interesting and something I would think would interest a younger audience is the story about John Lawson. Lawson is young man in his late 20’s that went through a horrific ordeal when his work led him to a brain tumour due to excessive stress, it tells his story of the whole ordeal, being unable to run his restaurant, how he recovered, what he did and tells of his new healthier restaurant that many enjoy. Such a story is a great example, as it is something that could be beneficial to a young person and also be very influential.