One Year in Walworth and 90 New Entrepreneurs Trained

Studio Front

Dirk Bischof chief executive of Hatch Charity, is the founder behind training entrepreneurs of different ages how to create a business they desire. It is now one year since they moved from Lambeth to Southwark due to landlord issues. They have a lounge, café and studio side by side all benefiting their entrepreneurs.  

Coffee Shop Front

‘Coffee shop in a community interest company- a social enterprise, is built on different values than Costa’, said Bischof about the opening of the new Costa around the corner. His comment is based on the fact that the coffee shop pays the minimum living wage and that it sells premium coffee compared to other businesses. ‘The more businesses that come here the more people that come here to the area’ is what he said, as it will bring more people to the charity and help in reaching their goal of 1000 entrepreneurs by 2020.

‘Helped almost 90 businesses get of the ground’, is their biggest achievement this year. They have run over 200 events in the past year for local residents and traders. This is all in conjunction with the entrepreneurs and what they are creating.