Journalists in the Current Digital Age

Various Social Media Platforms (L-R: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Skye)

In the current digital age, we live in, as journalists we have to be aware of those around us and their opinions. Social Media has now made broadcasting news a lot easier by sharing it through various platforms and is also how many journalists now find out current news affairs. Journalists have to now not only focus on the news, but also take into account the news found by the public and consider what is news and fake news. They then have to try and publish this news but have to be careful with their sources and ensuring it is all accurate.

It is a journalist’s job to ensure they are careful with what they produce, where they find it and how they use it. Also being careful of others, their views and also ensuring they don’t take peoples opinions in to too much context that would cause issues and controversies. Furthermore, journalists should use these new technologies as an advantage, to carry on practicing journalistic work they would normally do but with expanding technological advances.