Brexit pop-up shop opens in Peckham to Highlight Effects of Brexit

Tomato Botchup, Conman’s Mustard, Green Giant Prices (sweetcorn) are some of the items that have been on sale this weekend in a Brexit pop-up shop run by People’s Vote Campaign in Peckham. They believe that households will be paying more in household goods each year in regards to the fall in the sterling. They opened this pop-up to raise awareness of what life will be like after Brexit and what the effects of Brexit is going to cause the country and what it is already putting it through.

Sarah Baumann marketing director of Peoples Vote said when talking to Campaign Magazine: “In recent years, Black Friday has become the country’s run-up-to-Christmas so it seemed ripe for disruption. The timing of the deal announcement was a gift we couldn’t ignore.” Baunann says this, as the pop-up has been open over Black Friday and the days following it to rattle people. Also, the timing for this is a great idea because many are looking to spend money on these Black Friday deals. This shop is creating awareness that things will tighten up after Brexit and people may not be able to spend like this anymore.