Review 2: Yearly Christmas favourite- Winter Wonderland

Entrance of Winter Wonderland

An exciting Christmas event for all the family, one of the largest during the Christmas period and the most visited by many in the UK and across the world. I went to visit the park this year to see what has become of it since I last visited three years ago.

Rides for younger children

The event is designed for all age groups, boasting one of the UK’s largest ice rink, rides for different ages.  This year, as I found out – it has expanded a lot more compared to last year and has much more to offer than before.

I visited the attraction during a Wednesday in the afternoon, as it was late November and hadn’t hit the peak season it was fairly quiet and mostly full of tourists who had come to visit before Christmas.

It looked like this year they had really expanded it.  You could now have a full day here, there are many food options- savoury and sweet. They have halal food stalls, which I think is great, as they are thinking about the Muslim community and also have vegan/vegetarian stalls.

Bar and Food Stalls

Entry to the park is free, although they do make up for this in their prices for food, rides and events. A portion of Churros was £6, this was only with chocolate and no cinnamon. Also, if you were to have just cinnamon it is also £6, which I feel like is a bit overpriced, but then again for such an attraction such prices seem to be expected. I mean one candy apple cost £3, its an apple with caramel that’s a bit hefty.

What I did really like is that they accept card and contactless, which has made things a lot easier, as you don’t need to go in with a pocket full of cash.

Entrance to all the Rides

All in all, I love going each year, seeing it change and expand. The best part is seeing little ones who haven’t been before, being thrilled by it all or maybe its just all the sugar they have consumed either way it’s a beautiful thing to see this time of year.

Winter Wonderland is open from 10am-10pm each day.