Review Three: Artefacts that are a real insight into working women during 1970’s

Overview of the whole room

I visited: Revisiting Women and Work that is being held in the ‘Archive Room’, of South London Gallery created by students, from Central St Martins who have done a recreation of an exhibition created in 1975, by Margaret Harrison, Kay Hunt and Mary Kelly.  

Upon visiting the museum, I was guided into a fairly small room, with a long glass cabinet going across one wall, with artefacts and then in front a selection of ‘Punch Cards’ (clock in/out), as an example and were available to use. In the middle there were tables with iPad’s and headphones to watch the Interview by Mary Kelly.

The glass cabinet had some interesting items such as, a letter from the ‘Borough Liberian’, who didn’t find the exhibition held in 1975 to hold any significance, as it didn’t have a great footfall. Although, there were letters from some that greatly enjoyed it and appreciated the work that had been done. There were a few pictures as well in accordance to the exhibition done in 1975. They also had press release from the South London Art Gallery from 1975, which described the exhibition and showed it with much passion.

However, as much as this display is great, it really is bland. I honestly feel there is a lot more that could have been done here and I feel like there is some sort of lack in effort. I really believe this could have been a whole lot better and it just wasn’t. I was really hoping to be moved by this, but left pretty disappointed.

Even, what was on display were just small things from the previous exhibition in 1975, maybe they could have added more and made it more interesting? Also, the room was really plain and didn’t feel very enticing when entering. Overall, the concept is great, I enjoyed the items on display, but there could have been a lot more and it could have been a lot more interesting.   

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