Social Media and Its Effect Politically

Social Media is the hub for fake news, the sharing with one another is what is causing this rise in fake news. It has also taken effect politically, as political leaders are now able to post their opinions on social media. This can cause controversy’s but also allow for people to have their opinion and cause debates over certain matters.

An another effect social media has on people is that people are allowed the right to say what they would like, post any content they would like and communicate anything with anyone across the globe. This has a massive impact in terms of social media and fake news as, people can create news stories, say what they want especially creating conspiracy theories in a during crucial political times. Thus leading people astray, in believing in these fake stories and causing huge issues.  

All in all, the rise in the use of social media can really effect and transform political dialogue, especially with the ways it is changing and especially with opinions of people.