How I consumes the News?

The main place in which I consume the news has to be the BBC News, app it gives me updates throughout the day and always has the latest updated news for me. I also use the New York Times, app to read the news. This app gives more worldly matters and a bigger variety and lets me explore things based more in the US. The third form has to be through the internet and searching different news sights to see what they have as well.

What I find interesting is the way different news sites publish their content and the different ways they try to get their audiences attention. An example of this is: The Daily Mail use big writing and huge images to get your attention. BBC are very minima and subtle with how they put the news across their websites. I honestly enjoy both these websites and for me it depends on what the story is to get my attention.

I don’t feel like the way they do things differently affects my opinion very much, as I enjoy all platforms I read the news and go back to them each day.