Technology and Data Driven Journalism

Newspaper and Computer

In the current time we live in everything is driven by data, the way news is received, then created and received is all through data. The only thing really standing in terms of traditional news is the fact that we still have newspaper and that people still read them. Although, these to are dying out. There are now many means in terms of how journalists create their work and share it to the public.

The issue with all this is that older journalists, who have been working for many years are not willing to let go of the traditional ways things are done. Where as, younger journalists are working much quicker, as they have newer technologies to create content and creating this tensions with older journalists. It is much preferred to be able to create content through a computer, share it via social media and even discuss about it on there. Although, some still don’t enjoy this form of journalism. The fact that even VR journalism is coming in goes to show that technology is changing and will keep on changing.