London Bride soaring in sales after high street chain collapses

London Bride, a Walworth bridal store is still doing extremely well, even after after many changes in the retail industry. 

“Touchwood absolutely we haven’t” (suffered with a decline in sales) is what Aimee, who has worked 10 years for London Bride said. This is in comparison to a very well known Bridal chain Berketex Bridal claiming bankruptcy after other chains have opened taking over their sales. London Bride, as a business have been open for over thirty-six years and are still very successful. 

In fact, Aimee said “we get girls coming from all over to get their dresses from us”. This is because London Bride have not changed the way they have done things, they offer a customized service and the option for a bride to have her say with her dress of choice. 

A huge issue is the rise in online stores like ASOS, Misguided, farfetched etc. These all offer brides to buy ready made gowns online, no choice of alteration and or changes to the dress. They are like an online version of the off the rail bridal stores. 

This has led to many new bridal stores such as: David Bridal and London Bride UK, who now offer an off the rail service. This is to create an in store experienced of what you would find online, to try and make the dress picking element of the wedding easier. 

When talking to Aimee she said “the service you get is not the same”, “comparing it to an actual wedding dress in the shop- they can tell the difference”. 

‘London Bride UK’ have not suffered in any way during any of these changes and they are constantly fully booked with appointments.