Three Graphs turned into Stories

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This graph created using the most common words in Obamas ‘State of the Union Speeches’, I believe has been designed to give an insight into what a President commonly uses in his speeches and to draw the publics attention towards this. Although, this graph produces great information I do believe that the author can come across as biased, because he is only using words from one president in comparison to other graphs that gather information from different presidents. Furthermore, the graph is very basic, uses only one colour to present the data. I believe if the author could collate more data using different president speeches throughout the years, it could give a better insight into the message they are trying to give off.

In this second graph, the author has a similar concept to the one above. However, this graph is a digital graph showing over time the different presidents and how many words they have used in their speech. His point is to show that Obama has had the second wordiest speech in history- which he in fact does so well. What I really enjoy about his graph is that he allows to move across, whilst also giving you helpful information to help you better understand it. Although, his point can be biased because Obama is still president therefore the information is gathered in the time he is still President. Where as, the other information was gathered after the presidents had finished their president. This would then make the graph inaccurate. All in all, compared to the graph above it still has collated information from a variety of presidents making it a lot better.

This last graph is a collection of words from each president through their years in their presidency, where you ‘hover’ over a word to see how it was used. This graph is good if you want an in-depth insight into the words used by the presidents. Although, it isn’t really a graph proving much information apart from being useful. Overall, compared to those above this is a clearer and easy to read graph that provides information very easily.