Aim: Go out into the University and find international students to interview. Also, to capture pictures of each one in the group when interviewing to present to class.


⁃          Where are you from?

⁃          What are you studying?

⁃          Do you enjoy studying this and why did you pick it?


Aim: Conduct a GV about student life in the University.

Location: Outside Student Union, Student Bar, Coffee Shops

Role: Camera Person

Questions: What is the main source do student income?

Do students get enough student income?

Where do students go out on a night out in London and what are the main spots?

How do students save money?

⁃          Average London pint is £4.40

⁃          Bars and Clubs through the university have offers for students to ensure they can enjoy and still go out.

⁃          The university also offers help to find a job and becoming employed.

(source information is from the London South Bank University portal website and through our leaflets and flyers across the university especially the student union)

Summary of GV:

⁃          Filmed across the above locations to get a feel of student life in the university.

Through research we found answers to our questions which we answered in a voice over done by Reporter Arun Matharu.



Aim: Is to find young people and find out their views on Brexit and how they feel about it.

Location: Outside Parliament/ Westminster

Role: Camera Person

Questions: Can you please give me your general opinion on Brexit?

Are you a student and if so how do you think Brexit will effect you and does that make you feel?

How much do you know about Brexit?

What do you think when you hear Brexit?

  • Without Brexit there is ease of travel for students who live in other countries to travel around and study wherever they like.
  • Currently there are over 125,000 EU students studying and living in the UK.
  • Also, the connection with the EU allows expensive projects to go ahead and allows further research in certain areas.

In this task, I was in control of the cameras ensuring with got the correct angles and working hard to get an interview with a young person. However, we were unable to find a young person around Parliament. Although, we came across a woman ‘Susan Nicolson’, who shared her many and varied opinions on Brexit.



Aim: To capture variety of shots of the marathon throughout the day, aiming to find as many dressed up runners, interview people in costumers and ask people their favourite costume.

Location: Greenwich, St James Park, Westminster.

Role: Camera Person

Question: What are you dressed as today and why?

Have you done this before and if so and when?

How did todays run go?

What are the best costumes you have seen here today?

  • Thousands of people run this marathon each year, with their families coming along to support.
  • Many dress up in support of a charity they are trying to awareness of and aiming to reach a goal in terms of money.
  • Some also do it to meet their health goal and help others raise money.

This task we spend all day at the London marathon, capturing a variety of shots, gvs, interviews etc. We managed to get Mo Farah on camera, film many other runners, interview some interesting people and really capture the atmosphere of the day.


Radio Package:(30/04/19)

Idea One: Use the interview with Tracey Cahoon about her time in the hair industry, talk to other hairdressers and their time. This is to compare each one’s time in the industry and talk about the evolve and change.

Idea Two: Interview with Bring Your Own shop in Nunhead and a customer of hers.

  • Discuss the idea of protecting the environment, why they have opened up shop and what they aim to gain out of this.
  • Talk to a customer about their thoughts on this, how they feel and if they enjoy shopping this way. Do they think this is a great way to save the environment?


Aim: Create an audio package featuring shop owner Laura Hipkiss and what has inspired her to open a BYO shop, talk to an expert on whether Laura’s efforts are worth and ask some customers for their opinion.

Location: Nunhead/ London South Bank University

Questions: What inspired you to open up this shop?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

What do you think of Laura’s efforts?

Do you enjoy shopping in here and why?

  • Pollution is widely talked about subject yet not much is being done about this. Shops like Laura’s are very hard to find.
  • The first types of shops like this to have opened were in France and Germany.
  • The more and more we continue to misuse the environment the more is will increase pollution. Not only will it affect our animals and land but will also affect the water we drink.

Audio feature a variety of interviews/ pot cuts and analysis into plastic waste and pollution. With the interview from Laura along side an expert it really helps give a clear view of both sides and shows that Laura’s efforts are really good- although only time cam tell. Also, customer seem really enthusiastic about the shop and gives a sign that Laura’s shop will work and that more should open in order to create a change in the environment.