London Southbank University’s Gaming society Counter-Strike Team ends the season on a good note.

CSGO Dashboard

LSBU Gaming society played their last 2 games of the season at the Inter-University Tournament by NUEL, supported by twitch and won both games.

The first game was in CACHE and it was a tight game against the University of Leicester which came to an OT with LSBU winning both sides leaving with a 19-16 round win.

Micheal “Mikey” Lenox-Hutchkins who was benched this season proved his capability and lead the team to victory, having the most frags in the game.

Mikey said “The game was close on paper, but honestly I knew that the team could pull through and turn out to win it. When Michael “Strongpig” gave us the strategies we needed in order to compete against them, the game felt really easy and honestly, it should have been like that form the start.”

LSBU dominated the second match as they remained calm throughout the game and won with 16-8

Mikey, again, leading the scoreboard with the most kills and got a quadra-kill highlight in the notorious map Dust 2. The team worked together and focused after such a heated first game and everyone was warmed up.

More words by the star player “I was slightly worried about the second game because in warmup it felt like they knew their stuff. It took us a few rounds to really feel them out and they were fairly close but we just got in their head mentally and managed to really tilt them. This meant that we could just walk around the map killing them and it was almost a free win.”