NUEL First season has ended and LSBU Gaming society has big plans.

LSBU Gaming society E-sport Logo

The first season of the Inter-University tournament NUEL has reached its end and LSBU has big plans for next season.

Current E-Sport secretary of LSBU Gaming society has spoken about what she thought of this season.

“This has been the first season of NUEL events that we have entered as a University. With the time restraints put onto us to gather interest and get teams together, I am pleased with the overall performance that we had with our CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege teams. Furthermore, I am excited about the future of eSports for the University going into the Winter season and in the following years. Our main aim now, is to really try to spread the word about the eSports branch of the society, as we’re looking to get several teams entered into the next season of events for CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, League of Legends and PUBG.”

And some from the Stand-in captain.

“I’m super happy with our performance and how far we were able to go. We went into this tournament as an experiment to see if there was any interest in a project like this in general, as before me, Aimee and Sapphire took over leaders, there wasn’t anything like this. So we honestly went in expecting to lose every game. Now that the season’s over, I think this was a overwhelming success, as we performed toe to toe with Universities with established teams and societies, and even toppled a bunch on the way.”

He also found a player which stood out to him.

“In terms of individual performance, I have to pick out Ruben as being a general mainstay, and legit spirit of the team. We’ve had many people come and go from the team, joining and quitting half way, but Ruben was always there, exited to play, and putting up numbers his rank had no right to give.”

They also talked about their plans this season and they have given it a big thought and thoroughly planned it. Not only are they passionate but also excited in making the society better and more competitive next season.

The captain, Michael “Strongpig” expressed his thought.

“I want to step down as a player and move in an organisational role, a coach if things go well. Also, we’re expanding our current teams, as well as introducing new ones. LoL, Dota 2 and Overwatch has become a popular demand by people. We’ll be setting up scrim sessions over the Holidays to help players stay frosty and to get to know each other and we’ll also be scouting for players who will play in the team and adding assorted teams in terms of skill level. And who knows, if enough people show interest, I’m happy to play in a Hearthstone team, I have spent to many hours and money on that game to not pass that opportunity up”

We expect much for LSBU next season and hopefully, they become one of the top tier teams to play in every genre.