Team MMA Underground’s Rising Star

Jonathan Haggerty has been registered into One Fighting Championship and is having his debut match on January 19th at Jakarta, Indonesia.

He’s very confident in his skill and he’s set a goal in mind

“I expect to knock the opponent out at round one, I want to introduce myself properly.”

He’s hungry for blood and he’s training as hard as he was before-hand, he has his mindset straight and his mental state is focused.

He said “It’s a 3 round match but I treat it as if it was five”

He shows his enthusiasm saying that he’s “excited” for this fight

His father has high hopes for his son and is there supporting him as he shadows him in his fighting career.

He said, “I’m very proud of my son, I love his dedication to the sport.”

Someone who has a very high potential at the age of 21, the gym also has high expectations for their star fighter Jonathan.

Will he be able to take the Bantamweight title and dominate the One FC Arena. Stay tuned and follow him at Instagram: @JhaggertY_

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