A yearly makeover hopes to make London better

Location where the charity are laying the new grass

Potters Fields Park Management Trust are currently re-vamping patches of grass located right by Tower Bridge.

Potters Field puts down new grass each October ready for the new season. They do this to make London appear more presentable to the public and tourists that visit each year.

Having a makeover done regularly can tend to be quite expensive so to ensure it’s done each year the trust sets up different charity events where they collect money for their different projects.

This year they organised different events around London such as food festivals, community events and they even had a big yoga session where hundreds of people got involved. Every fundraising event that they hold is open to the public and they encourage everyone to join in, even families!

All the money that they raise from these events goes towards different projects that they hold such as this makeover happening by Tower Bridger. This takes places between 7/10/2019 to 13/11/2019 meaning everything will be ready for the Winter season!

To find our more information about Potters Fields Management Trust you can contact them via email; info@pottersfields.co.ukor call them by the number 020 77036 6410 alternatively you can visit their website https://pottersfields.co.uk