Consuming my news

Every morning at 5 a.m. I get an email from theSkimm. I wake up, get ready, and while on the train to class I immerse myself in their email. This email contains all of the top stories in a condensed version that can be read in ten minutes, perfect for my commute to class!

Their topics of news cover a wide variety. There are always political stories, entertainment, natural disasters etc. They are also really good about linking to other credible news sources so you can read more about the issues in depth.

I also appreciate that they write stories about their investors. For example, 20th Century Fox is a minority investor. So whenever theSkimm covers a story on the company there is a little note letting you know they invest in the company. I believe this makes them a less biased as they still report on all of the major 

In addition to their daily emails, they have an app and podcast. This allows you to get more news at the touch of your fingertips or listen to it instead of read. 

This form of news consumption is perfect for me. It gives me enough news that I know what is going on and fits my fast paced lifestyle. I love the email because it gives me enough information that I can participate in conversations on the topic and sound intelligent.