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Could Millwall be leaving South Bermondsey?

Millwall have threatened to completely leave the borough of Lewisham after an inquiry found no wrongdoing of the councils plans to seize land surrounding their

Proposal for Thorburn square parking zone

Plans for a Thorburn Square parking zone  Southwark Council has proposed a controlled parking zone in Thorburn Square, South Bermondsey. A public consultation was held on


Gary Otim: Changing Millwall’s tarnished reputation

Millwall football club have become notorious for hooliganism and violence throughout the years. However attempts are being made to turn a new corner for the



The rise and fall of Concorde

I had the opportunity to visit Brooklands Museum in Weybridge on November 4th where they were showcasing the iconic Concorde. What they had on show

The Graffiti Covered Skate Park

Southbank’s Skaters

  The Southbank skate park has divided opinion between locals and council officials for a number of years but it is now seeing a resurgence of