The IMAX film memorabilia auction London

Since September 7, 2017, the world-famous IMAX cinema has been hosting Prop Stores unlimited free movie exhibition. Including over 600 amazing costumes, figures, and props from award-winning films such as Alien (1979), The Mummy (2017), Ghost Busters (1984), 28 Days later (2002) and many more.

These items had been used for the real production of the films, rarities like these go for thousands of pounds within live auction events. The props featuring in this live auction exclusively on the 26 of September 2017 are going on sale from £1,000 – £50,000.
The venue holds the free live auction September 26, being open to the public and an international and worldwide range of people by promoting it heavily on social media. Food and drink site available on site as well as stereotypical fizzy drink and popcorn, also featuring is the IMAX’s movie listings for the next month of when they will be screening these famous so movie enthusiasts can become a part of the movie themselves.
After speaking with Matt Story a representative of Props Store he quoted that an overall price of the authentic items displayed at the IMAX this month can be sold to up to £3m.