Should the sun ban page 3?

The Sun – the second biggest tabloid newspaper company in the UK since 2014 displays female nudity on page 3 of their paper every Sunday. With feminism growing and expanding every day, many people have started to become offended by the sexual exploitation that the Sun projects. 

Rupert Murdoch, founder of News Corp, in connection with News UK and the Sun, hinted that he would look past using female sexuality to sell papers in 2015 as it seemed ‘old fashioned’ although despite this there has still been no change. Over a year has gone past and breasts are still being sexualised to gain readerships, granting more money for the industry. 

Sexual exploitation of women originates from the male gaze theory in which the feminist film critic Laura Mulvey developed in 1975. Murdoch and editors mimic pornographic cinematography elements directing the approach to audiences by selling sex. Is this inhumane to use ones sexual orientation to fund business expenses, when a mother is heavily contradicted when she is breast feeding her new born on a public bench? 

Granting the acceptation of breast feeding, if Rupert Murdoch can slap a half naked woman flashing her tits on page 3 of the second largest tabloid news paper in the UK then female should have the ability to take their tops off on a hot day and do the same because at the end of the day, a nipple is a nipple, just another human body part we all bear no matter a mans, woman or child.