Taking part in the crane climbing craze

Within my exploration into youth culture and socialism, I have been aware of the latest activity that teenagers are trying out. Linking back to my article crane climbing for the youths of our society, I teamed up with fellow climbers to get a glimpse of what excitement and thrill the youths of today pull from it.

Walking down Blackfriars road towards the bridge, to the left the construction site half demolished which we were determined to accomplish. To get inside our teenage team wander around the back to a low rock only just tall enough for us to climb onto the wooden roof. All of us staring down at the scaffolding and rubble below, I scramble down the metal poles into the building.
Once down; a red light passed my eye to which my heart froze along with my grubby hands. Luckily it was a fire light required to be there under construction regulations, determining the extent of danger we had put ourselves in. Although we all felt tense and on edge about our mission we all had fury and passion to get to the crane, inside the cockpit at least. 
Finding the stairs was easy enough when I imagined the average structure of the interior of a building; they’re normal ally located by the lift. The lift was very easy to spot as it was the giant hole going right through the middle of the site guaranteeing us access to the top floor to which was the crane we all desperately needed to climb. 
We trampled up the stairs, our feet getting locked into metal and rock that had fallen from the demolishment process being done to the building. Once at the top we were still held from the stunning view promised by scaffolding that covered the bright lights and busy nightlife of London city. Displeased with our current view we assess the way up to the crane, in which was a freefall drop around 8 stories high. As all the other hopped over this death fall of a gap I notice my little legs really had to stretch to get over, to which my heart sank down to my little toe.
As much as I did not want to jump from scaffolding to crane my mind prevented me from turning around as I had already come so far along our journey. I managed to make it over safe and sound limping up the limp metal ladder as I was so flushed from the obstacle beforehand. As we approached the cockpit of the crane I restrained my eyes from peaking at the sparkly lights around so my experience was as magical as it could be, and shit, it was. 
I literally could not keep my eyes off the magical busy life that London held, it went on for what looked like years, the neverending city. Heart pounding as sweat trickles down my spine, I make eyes widen to exploit the happiness from the view as much as I could. As I come together with the crew, we all are speechless so we smile contently at each other like dickheads. Hands down something you would imagine to do but this is an experience every youngster should add to their bucket list.   
Photo by Ryan Evans (photography student)