A new age of teenage fashion entrepreneurs

Youngsters from the age of 12 to 25 are demonstrating their high interest and demand within designer clothing these days, from high range skate attire like Supreme to off the catwalk looks from Moschino and Vivienne Westwood, kids are digging the through the roof priced-tagged gear. Social media and the new basis of re-selling apps; being a lead reason to why teenagers are gassing about Gucci, venting over Valentino and bragging because of Balenciaga. Christmas shopping for your friends couldn’t get more pricey, leading ‘hypebeast’ and ‘hypebae’ styles won’t quit selling in Oxford Streets headlining display windows making the fashion industry as wealthy as ever, funding more extreme styled catwalk looks. 

Discovering new apps on the daily, which have been specially made for the resale of vintage, new and knock off designer wear. Depop being the hottest place for kids to earn money, youthful socialites have been making a reasonable wage by promoting their personal online shop sites. Depop being made by Simon Beckerman explains on the IOS app store how they allow the ordinary people to ‘buy, sell and explore the most unique and inspiring things in the world’. The app managed to gain a user base of around six million,”we have something like 350,000 to 400,000 active users a day,” Beckerman states in a 2017 interview, also making it clear the app has 22,000 sales per day. The range of things to be bought and sold is amazing the youth seem to explore, develop and develop fashion within a different way, displaying original and new market fashion statements being made with mummy’s sewing machine or brought from local vintage charity shops. 

Discovering that Depop, unlike most other re-sale apps, creates an overall persona of a profile which sites such as eBay do not explore, the in-depth navigation within the app allows users to see what other users have been liking, buying and selling. These retail personas are most effective when gaining followers and product buys making their site more popular and pleasant to the eye of the teenage market. A profile named ‘Mimi’s garms’ demonstrates the elaborate, well thought out persona which has been created displaying these words within the bio ‘handpicked pre-loved garms [bag emoji] 10% off when you follow @mimis.garms on Instagram [double heart emoji] worldwide shipping [world emoji] instant buy is on [down arrow emoji]’. The content displayed on this page is very 90s and 00s, going along the lines on vintage, colorful women’s wear, looking like something from the spice girls wardrobe or Elle Wood’s online catalog from Legally Blonde. 

Depop and other re-sale apps have created such a high demand for more and more of limited edition clothing to be sold, is it the excitement and rush from owning a 1 of 1000 item that attracts teens to the accomplishment that they experience which keeps them so motivated and keen to keep going, buying a re-selling more and more expensive, catwalk fashion pieces. More and more brands are becoming really successful not only the creation of apps like these being created but in the social media overload that has boosted every retail industry who logs on. Low market brands like Nike, Adidas, Umbro, Kappa have made it on the shelves of Urban Outfitters, a trendy, indie-styled high street store. 

There has never been a greater demand for fashion within the youthful generation of Britain, the fight for fame and battle for brilliance is a competitive scene which all youngsters are diving into. This new age of creative fashion combined with art highlights the determination that teenagers face as they express themselves. 


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