Emily Malices online tattoo army


Thinking about getting a hot new tat? You might need to book way in advance. 

2017 was the year we saw a hell of a lot of strong females standing out against the typical female stereotype using their career to do so. Instagram being the main platform to express this, we see the British feminine tattoo icon Emily Malice being recognized by the thousands for her truly astonishing artwork. With 166k followers, people from all around the world are keen for a look at Emily’s insanely good tatting. 

Emily’s style and stance on tattooing have changed over the last 3 years or so, she used to publish more portraiture pieces, for example, the character Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction and various Playboy bunny girls. It is noticeable that she adds more detail to her work currently making it more individual to her and her style of tattoo, which people are really digging!

Her creations today display a mixture of soft feminine flowery patterns contrasted with violent symbolic images developing on this stereotype change we see within society today. Drawing more designs around body parts such as hands and eyes. Also being resignedly well known and popular because of Malices famous lips; each piece of art is unique and individual based on Emily’s subject. 

She has been lucky enough to tattoo some of the biggest Instagram icons of the modern day including Phi (@phiphibb), an Instagram model, DJ, Brooke (@brookecandy) along with fashion model Alex (@alexandrahates). 

The girl doesn’t stop there. Malice is not just an iconic tattoo artist, she uses all kinds of methods to display her creativity!

Being a huge part of the no fur movement she created a sick badge campaigning for the poor animals of the fur industry, Miley Cyrus and Anais Gallagher (Noel Gallagher’s daughter) are both seen wearing it publicly and on social media. 

And if it turns out you aren’t daredevil enough to permanently art up your skin with her designs you can purchase the A1 printouts of her most popular pieces including lips, eyes, hands, Mia Wallace and much more to gaze at.