About me

As a modern-day writer, I wish to explore into society looking at culture within the youths, diving into activities, events, looking at icons, fashion and music to develop articles which represent the younger generation.

I support many current youthful social opinions and beliefs; including equality of the sexes, LBGT, global warming and animal rights.

One of my feminism beliefs is that woman, just like a man, should be allowed to display their nipples in public and on the internet as the body part of a breast has been heavily sexualized by media when it’s a natural human attribute. In the UK there have been many cases against new mothers breastfeeding in public, in my opinion, is a disgrace as it’s vital a newborn baby keeps their consumption levels up. This is a movement I’m highly interested in, attending marches to fight to free the nipple. 

Icons, music, and fashion have had a major growth in the past 10 years, with the younger generation to be their main audiences. Branding in fashion has become a a career within social media meaning young people have started to create new business from it. More young people are developing music, finding new ways to convey a feeling through sound elaborating on techno, DnB and house with mechanical instruments. With icons leading social media and the youth of today it’s develops cult fan bases to which I tend to explore. 

As a person of young age, I follow along with the generation I’m exploring elaborating on the understanding of young people, how they might feel, act or aspire to be.