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Weekend in Dublin


Weekend in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland is such a vibrant, fun and historical city. If you’re studying abroad in Europe, you should spend a weekend in Dublin. Read on to learn what to do, where to stay, how to get around and more! 


If you’re on a time crunch, staying one night and two days is enough time to spend a weekend in Dublin. My friend and I flew from London to Dublin Saturday morning and came back Saturday night. Doing this saves money, because you are only paying for one overnight stay and flights at these times tend to be cheaper. Additionally, you don’t feel like you’re wasting the day traveling, especially since it is such a short flight. 

When looking into somewhere to stay, I suggest prioritizing location. Hostel World is a great resource, and it rates different accommodations on a variety of factors, including locations. 

Based on the location of our hostel, my friend and I looked at a map and circled things we wanted to do and see.

To show how we planned our trip

This allowed us to realize that everything we wanted to do was in a 35 minute walk from where we were staying, so we walked everywhere. Upon arrival, we did buy a round-trip bus ticket to and from the airport to our hostel. 

What to do and What to See 

As you can see on the map, we picked out five things that we wanted to experience. Here’s what we did: 

Trinity College

Trinity College is the top ranked University in Dublin, so we wanted to check it out. It was only a five minute walk to our hostel, and there ended up being an open house at the same time we went. It was very interesting to see the campus through the eyes of a prospective student. 

Dublin Castle 

Dublin Castle is beautiful, and we just saw it from the outside.

To show what Dublin castle looks like                                    To show what dublin castle looks like

St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

We weren’t able to go inside St. Patrick’s, since the service was just finishing up at the time. It was still amazing to see, and we spent some down time relaxing in the garden outside. 

What St. Patrick's looks like

Guinness Storehouse 

Our favorite activity during our weekend in Dublin was visiting the Guinness Storehouse. Student tickets are around 18 pounds, but you can spend as much time there as you like. Visiting the storehouse is an immersive experience where you learn the history of the product and the brand. There’s plenty to do and see, and it’s very fun overall. 

Cool Guiness Picture

I hope this gave you an idea on how to spend your next weekend in Dublin. Overall, I had a great time, and it was another great European city to check off my list!

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